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Body Blast Treatment

Immediate Shrinkage of Fat Cells and Weight Loss.

LIQUID LIPO is applied directly to the body areas where you want to remove excess fat, such as your belly, back, arms, legs or thighs.

Wrap Only.

From $120

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Thermogenesis Fat Dissolve. Clinic Only

The Thermogenesis gel is an In Clinic Treatment only due to its potency. This product not only melts the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of the skin, but also goes deeper and has the ability to reduce unwanted fat stores trapped behind muscle walls, right down to the visceral fat stores. Further to this, Thermogenesis can also break down scar tissue, and lipomas, something that up until now has only ever been achieved through traditional liposuction and surgery.

From $140

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Liquid Lipo Chin reduction

A chin wrap treatment that targets the fat. Tightens up your jaw line.

A topical fat dissolving product that enters the skin via the pores & through the epidermis, dermis & into the subcutaneous layer. It works quickly by shrinking fat cells and releasing their lipids into your bloodstream which exit your body safely and naturally via your urine, bowel and sweat glands. Even with dieting fat cells just get smaller but are still present, with the lipo dissolve the fat is gone forever. Wrap only

From $80


Body Blast Combo

Package deal! Stomach, Flanks & Back. Target all at once. Wrap Only

Treat 3 areas at once and save! Liquid Lipo fat dissolve can be used on 3 areas at a time, but no more as will overload your lymphatic system. Target the fat all at once and get quicker results.

From $300

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Blepharonat Periorbital Reduction

Topical dissolving gel. No plasma, no surgery, just science.

Blepharonat The first worldwide topical under eye bag dissolving gel. Under Eye Bags. As it's a topical gel clinically proven to flush out toxins and the build up of lymphedema or blepharitis(98.6% in 100 client's vs a placebo) also improved hooded eyes.

From $110

Treatments are Wrap only. Add on Electrical treatments to enhance quicker results