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Fat Dissolve

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The UKs only clinically approved fat dissolving gel. Formulated, developed and manufactured. Liquid Lipo Ltd works quickly by shrinking fat cells and releasing their lipid's into your bloodstream, which exit your body safely and naturally through your Lymphatic Drainage System( Urine, Bowel and Sweat Glands). Not only detoxing, but exacerbating lymphatic drainage and metabolic increase, transporting the previous inaccessible fat through the liver.

The result is a significantly proven faster weight loss, and a slimmer body shape. In fact, Liquid Lipo Ltd works so fast that it can get through 1-2 inches of fat in around 2 hours. Liquid Lipo Ltd reduces the size of fat cells within the skin, as the gel microencapsulates the subcutaneous tissue to open the cell's pores.

Once the pores are open, the fat is turned into a liquid form and compressed even smaller. Then the excess fat is flushed out through natural hydration.

The effects are not temporary , as fat cells expand naturally as you ingest food. A few people have said that because Liquid Lipo Ltd has "liquefied" and emptied blocked fat cells, they have not felt the urge to eat as much as their abdomen has tightened.