Blepharonat is the new product from the minds that brought you Liquid Lipo Fat dissolve gel. 


Powerful enough to reduce under eye pockets of fat but gentle enough to be used around the eyes. 


In our clinical trials 98.6% of participants drastically reduced the appearance of their under eye bags, no need for surgery or plasma, it can be done from the comfort of your own home.

First 5 days should flush out over 1mm as per the trial if its severe we recommend up to 10 days. 


You don't require training specifically to use Blepharonat Ltd. As its a topic gel clinically proven to flush out toxins and the build up of lymphedma or blepharitis (98.6% in 100 client's vs a placebo) also improves hooded eyes. It's a safer and more effective reduction treatment than plasma or Injections which may make this condition worse.


However it's useful to have an initial treatment in clinic at $110.00 with 4 days to go home. (5ml in total) 5x application In 1 bottle.


Please note the packaging shown above is for illustration purposes, the actual packaging and contents while similar may vary from time to time. 



Try this revolutionary new treatment today. 

Blepharonat Eye Bag Reduction Home Kit(30ml)

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